Implementing partners

Implementing partners of IX Phase of the Project – Crisis Center “Bovari ba Fardo” in Dushanbe and Crisis Center “Ghamhori” in Bohtar. Public organizations “Hamroz”, “Hairhohi zamon”, “Dilafruz”, “Bonuvoni fardo” in the districts of Khatlon region.

According to statistical data from the POs, during one year (Oct 2016 – Sep 2017), 2,492 consultations took place. Data demonstrates that 86% (2,153) of consultations were provided to women and 14% (339) to men. This shows that the victims of DV are not always women.  The number of consultations by POs is presented in Table 1. 

Table 1: Consultations conducted by POs  in Oct 2016- Sep 2017

Nr. POs Nr of consultations / persons Women / Men Provided consultations
Social Legal Pilot Districts
3 Dilafruz 564 393/171 738 392 Bohtar city Huroson district
4 Hamroz 390 29/199 1096 432 Cushoniyon district Levakand city
5 Macbuba 916 853/63 916 336 Balhi district Vahsh district
6 Bonuvoni Fardo 216 184/32 284 Shahrituz district
7 Hairhohi Zamon 406 375/31 404 Panj district
TOTAL 2492 2153/339 2750 1849

The POs applied diverse methods such as: conversation, individual consultation (by phone, face to face, primary  medical assistance and legal representation), group consultation, family members counselling sessions, work with the perpetrator, providing social support to the victim of DV,  accompanying the victim to official institutions and services etc.

Two CCs have been supported by project during phase 9 of the project. CC Bovari ba Fardo in Dushanbe was contracted for the first 24 months and CC and Shelter Gamhori in Bohtar city for 36 months. Statistical data, collected by the CCs, demonstrates that DV is relevant to not only officially married couples but also to those who are not officially registered by the Civil Registration Offices (CRO). Since October 2016 till September 2019, the assistance was provided to 2,971 victims of DV by the CCs: 85% women and 15% men (see Table 2).

Table 2: Registered cases of DV (Oct 2016 – Sep 2019)

CC Gamhori (36 months)CC Bovari ba Fardo (24 months)
Registered cases of DV22561842 (82%)414 (18%)715670 (94%)45 (6%)

The figures below show the main statistical data with regard to the consulted DV victim. During the Phase 9 of the project, 2,971 victims of DV were consulted by the CCs, out of which 85% women and 15% men.

Based on the collected M&E data:

  • 1,687 (57%) victims stayed in their families and went for consultation of CC specialists;
  • 391 (13%) were reintegrated into their families;
  • 796 (27%) returned to their parents;
  • 97 (3%) started independent life (have rented an apartment, found a job, etc.) 
  • 278 (9%) women have completed the courses organized by Centre of Adult Learning (cooking courses, IT courses etc.)
  • 368 (12%) are temporarily employed;
  • 311 (10%) cases have been presented in court; and in 302 cases the positive decisions were made in favour of the victim of DV;
  • 243 decisions have been made by the court to reinstall the victims of DV in the homes of the spouse;
  • 115 family conferences were conducted;
  • 54 discussions with family aggressors
  • 76 information sessions conducted with the participation of 5260 participants

During Oct 2016-Sep 2019, the CCs have provided 18,124 consultations for the victims of DV. 87% (15,706) for women and 13% (2,418) for men. 32% were psychological, followed by legal (30%), social (26%) and medical consultations (12%). The data demonstrates a high need for psychological consultations, which are problematic due to the lack of trained psychologists at local level. Details are presented in Table 3.

Table 3: Consultations provided by CC (Oct 2016 – Sep 2019)

Nr. POs Total nr of consultations / persons Women/ Men Provided consultations
Social Psychological Legal Representation in court Medical
1 CC Bovari ba Fardo (24 months) 3349 3148 W 291 M 0 1454 1895 44 0
2 CC Gamhori (36 months) 14775 12558 W 2217 M 4656 4269 3602 63 2228
TOTAL 18124 15706 W 2418 M 4656 5723 5497 107 2228

The CCs supported governmental organizations in the provision of services for DV victims, based on the MoU and bilateral Action plans, by making available psychologists, lawyers and social workers at the Khukumats, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Civil Registration Offices, etc.

  • CC Gamhori have provided the consultations of specialists at:
  • Gender Sensitive Unite on PDV of Bohtar city, MoIA (two days per week);
  • Primary Health Care Center of Bohtar city (two days per week);
  • Conducted family conferences on the request of Khukumat of Bohtar city.
  •  CC Bovari ba fardo have provided the consultations of specialists at:
  • CoWFA (5 days per week);
  • CRO of Shohmansur and Somoni districts of Dushanbe city (one day week)

Monitoring the activities of the CCs demonstrated that psychological and legal assistance are the most demanded types of assistance. Most of the victims of DV are referred to lawyers of the CCs with regard to divorce, division of property, registration of alimony, introduction into the husband’s home, restoration of the right to real estate, and others.

Implementing partner of X Phase of the Project – Crisis Center “Ghamhori” in Bohtar

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