How to act in a crisis?

For victims of domestic violence
If you or your loved ones were subjected to beatings and other forms of violence by members of your family

  • Get in a police department letter of referral to conduct a forensic medical examination if there is a need for this, or your own, without a referral from law enforcement agencies apply for up survey traces of physical violence
  • Ensure that a perpetrator was brought to the police station. Follow the same direction, and apply for a criminal prosecution of the perpetrator.
  • If a police officer refuses to take the necessary steps, you can make a written statement to the chief of police, or a complaint to the prosecutor for the failure of law enforcement officers
  • You can apply to law enforcement agencies (police, courts and prosecutor’s office) to inform them about an incident the fact of violence
  • If necessary, call an ambulance
  • You can apply to lawyers and psychologists of Crisis Centres and Public Organizations to get legal and psychological consultations .
  • You can apply to the Committee of Women and Family Affairs under the Government of Tajikistan or other departments on places .
  • You can apply to chairman of mahalla, jamoat, women committees within jamoats .
  • You can apply to health workers of health institutions at your place .
  • You can have the right and at the same time to sue a criminal case at a court for the recovery of material and moral damages.

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