General information

Since 2000 the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been supporting the “Project on Violence against Women in Tajikistan” (ProVaW).

After 8 years of project implementation through several implementing agencies (IA), in 2008, SDC decided to identify a new IA through a tender procedure in order to provide an effective management for the project. In September 2008 it was announced that the German consulting firm GOPA Consultants was awarded the mandate as the new IA for the next project phase (Phase VII). Since beginning of the inception phase, the new IA managed to maintain institutional memory and network relationships within the project. At the same time the project outcomes and delivery methods have been reviewed and the focus enlarged to the family level as well as advocacy and lobbying initiatives at local and national level. These innovations will allow improving the impact of the project at all levels among others through a well devised policy dialogue with all stakeholders. While redirecting the overall thrust of the project, it was decided to rename the project from the ‘Project on Violence Against Women’ into the ‘Prevention of Domestic Violence’ (PDV), as this better reflects the idea of fighting against all forms of domestic violence (DV) in the society, and relates better to gender and family aspect.

The project took an active part in supporting development and adoption of the law on prevention of violence in the family which has come into effect on 19 March 2013. In cooperation with other international and local organizations the project played an important role supporting various events and public awareness campaigns on domestic violence issue. However, the main impact produced by the project is the increased attention to and the awareness of the problems of DV in Tajikistan by the local community, including the Government of Tajikistan.

 At the same time SDC will remain playing an important role in lobbying the anti-violence legislation in Tajikistan and promotion of the Human Rights principles. SDC will facilitate policy dialogue on domestic violence issues, where it is necessary, in order to enhance the project capacities in fighting and preventing domestic violence in the country.

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