About Project

Project on Prevention on Domestic Violence (PDV) in Tajikistan

  • Launched in 2004;
  • Project zones: Dushanbe, Bohtar, Leveqant, districts of Kushoniyon, Vakhsh, Mir Said Alii  Hamadoni, Balhi, Shahrituuz, Pyanj and Huroson;
  • Phase X: October 2019 – September 2021;
  • Project is funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by GOPA Branch mbH in Tajikistan.

The Project goal

The project goal is to protect people’s rights (women, men and children) by an improved response from government towards domestic violence in Tajikistan.

Project objectives

  • Support to the government at central and local levels in coordination of policy on prevention of domestic violence and efficient service provision to population.
  • Building zero-tolerance attitude to DV phenomenon in the society and provision of access to services available for DV victims in the project target districts.

Following outputs of the Project are envisaged during its implementation:

         Output 1: Regulatory framework adopted and coordination among main stakeholders is functioning.

         Output 2: Capacity building on planning and management of PDV service provision for the specialists at local and central levels.            

          Output 3: Referral system, standards and M&E tools are implemented in pilot regions.

         Output 4: Local communities are better informed on DV issues and available services.

         Output 5: Level of DV acceptance among schoolchildren is decreased.

         Output 6: Services for DV victims and aggressors are in place and access increased in the targeted areas.

         Output 7: Quality of the services provided is improved.


  • Capacity building and technical support to the strategic partners
  • Introduction of the referral system
  • Improvement of inter-agency coordination at local and central level
  • Improvement of regulatory framework


Direct support to DV victims; support to family aggressors in correction of their behavior.   

Main activity of the implementing partners is focused on provision of integrated services to victims of violence and members of their families.  


Behavior Change Communication is aimed at raising awareness on the issues of DV and building zero-tolerance towards DV phenomenon in the society.

  • Information campaigns
  • Partnership with media

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