International Women’s Day/Mother’s Day of Tajikistan

Published On 07.03.2018 |

March 7 – Social activity dedicated to the International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day of RT was held in the Dushanbe Mall aimed at raising awareness of the population on the Family Law and women’s rights. It was implemented by the PDV Project and Helvetas in Tajikistan supported financially by the Swiss Government in cooperation with the Committee on Women and Family Affairs and with participation of the public organization “Bovari ba Fardo”. 
There was a quiz on knowledge of rights and obligations of the couples, marriage registration and divorce procedures, the issues concerning upbringing of children etc.  Every answer to the questions of the quiz was accompanied by the comments of the lawyers who provided also free of charge legal consultations during the event.  At the end the participants were provided with some prizes, i.e. tickets and certificates to cinema, spa salon and fashion shops. 
At the end of the event a drama play on family issues was shown by the students of the Art Institute named after M. Tursunzade.    

The aim of the event was to remind the beautiful part of the population about the fact that March 8 is not only a spring holiday, but also a day of fight for the rights of women.

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