Project on Prevention of Domestic Violence

Crisis Center Ghamkhori

Crisis Center “Gamkhori” was established in Kurgan-Tyube in June 2000 on the basis of Public Organization “Gamkhori”.

Crisis Center “Gamkhori” provides psychological, medical and legal counseling, social work services to victims of domestic violence and their families via individual, hot-line or group consultations as well as outreach and awareness raising events on the various levels.

Clients of the CC are assured of privacy and confidentiality, equality, respect and free of charge services which are the fundamental principles of the CC’s activity.

The main goal of the Crisis Center is reduction of the affect of psychological trauma, prevention of DV cases, maintaining psychological health, building capacity and empowerment of victims of domestic violence.

The target beneficiaries of the Crisis Center “Gamkhori” are mainly clients from Kurgan-Tyube, Bakhsh, Bohtar and neighboring districts of Khatlon region.

The Crisis Center “Gamkhori” closely cooperates with local administration (hukumats and jamoats), Women Committees, law-enforcement authorities, district police officers, religious leaders, community councils and Departments of Health and Education.

For the period of August 2011-August 2012 1479 clients addressed to the Crisis Center, out of which 70 were men and 1472 – women.

The information about the CC clients is introduced to the Republican Integrated Database (developed by Panorama Fund) and is further reflected in annual reports prepared by the National Bureau of Statistics.


Kayum Abdurakhimov Str. No.1,

Kurgan-Tyube, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel: 8 (32 22) 2-25-86; 2-78-79.